Années Folles: Crazy Years and Crazy Cults on the Continent

Nightmare in Norway

Session 2 (12/12/10)

Session 2: 12/12/10- Nightmare in Norway (2)

Returning for a dinner of reindeer stakes, Arthur Pendragon attempted to find out more about Herr Schmidt, the German ornithologist and chatted him up at dinner, while Madeline Dupont invited Whiskerstrop and Sir Bullwinkle to accompany her hunting again the next morning, showing Bullwinkle the hides. Meanwhile, Pendragon bribed the maid Helga to keep a tab on Schmidt for him after she threatened to inform him of his snooping. Finally, Bullwinkle cleaned up against Prof. Smith at bridge.

February 7, 1922: Early that next morning, Helga informed Pendragon that Schmidt was leaving, and the intrepid reporter suited up and followed the German into the snowy mountains, trailing him as he photographed the nearby Norwegian military base for several hours. Meanwhile, Whiskerstrop and Sir Bullwinkle accompanied Dupont to Vikenberg to purchase rifles for the pair of them and then snow shoed up to the glaciers on Mount Nygaard, at one point making a sighting of a white figure in the distance and tracking strange bipedal footprints and a rank, terrible smell to an area of bare rock, loosing the tracks. At this point, all returned to the Olsen’s lodge, where Pendragon confronted Schmidt about his spying, being convinced that the German was on the case against “wolf men” in the Norwegian mountains, and telling the journalist he would explain more in the woods outside the lodge at eleven o’clock that night. Taking no chances, Pendragon again trailed the spy and stole a few of his canisters of film and his MP 18. However, a blizzard struck without warning, trapping the guests in the lodge. While Bullwinkle and Whiskerstrop reconvened for another round of bridge with Prof. Smith, Schmidt and Pendragon confronted each other and were about to shoot at each other when the “trolls,” mountain dwelling ancestors of the ancient Voormis attacked in revenge for Madeleine Dupont’s murder of two of their own. In the confusion the horrid ape-like hominids killed Whiskerstrop and badly injured Pendragon and Schmidt (who had given up their fight). Other guests barricaded themselves in other rooms, including Bullwinkle, who claimed Dupont’s rifle-shotgun to defend himself, while Peter Olsen defended his guests valiantly. During the fight, Dupont herself was killed, though she was not injured by a blunt instrument but was instead terribly withered and blackened. The survivors tended to the wounded and an inquiry was made into the deaths and injuries after the blizzard cleared.

Afterward: The survivor’s return to their daily lives in London, after having exchanged addresses with Prof. Smith, who was impressed at their pluck and curiosity at surviving the troll attack and flushing out the German spy. Peter Olsen apparently disposed of the troll bodies and blamed the blizzard on the deaths of Whiskerstrop and Dupont. Several weeks later, though, news from Norway reports the tragic murder of Peter Olsen by one Sven Lundgard, who was then shot dead by members of the Norwegian police.



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