Années Folles: Crazy Years and Crazy Cults on the Continent

Nightmare in Norway

Session 1 (12/5/10)

February 2, 1922: By coincidence, three different individuals find themselves traveling to the tiny Norwegian village of Vikenberg. Arthur Whiskerstrop was asked by his old acquaintance Sir Eustace Cleary to stop a series of blackmail notes involving his cousin Edward’s death and infidelity in Norway, while Arthur Pendragon found himself on the trail of the same blackmailer, hoping to find out this secret in order to ruin Cleary’s chance to run for Parliament. Sir Bullwinkle was advised to make a trip to Norway by his physician for his health.
February 5, 1922: The three men arrived by train in Vikenberg (after taking a steamer from England to Bergen) where they met each other, and another pair of Englishmen, Dr. Julius Smith and his manservant Beddows. They then accompanied Peter Olsen’s sleigh to their destination, Olsen’s Ski Lodge, where they were introduced to their fellow guests, including the huntress Madeleine Dupont. Pendragon suspected her of having seen a “wolf-man,” while Whiskerstrop convinced her to allow him to help her in her hunt while Bullwinkle chatted with Prof. Smith.
February 6, 1922: Noticing that the suspicious German Schmidt was not at breakfast, the nosy Pendragon, aided by nosy maid Helga, searched his room and discovered a map of the nearby Norwegian military base, leaving just before he returned from his night skiing. Then, Olsen led Pendragon, Sir Bullwinkle, and Prof. Smith on a skiing trip to Vikenberg, while Whiskerstrop and Dupont went hunting for her “apes.” Disaster struck for them, though, when Whiskerstrop accidentally shot and injured a Norwegian soldier on a training exercise. The local police confiscated his weapon but were convinced to let him go after the accident. Meanwhile, Pendragon tracked down a man named Sven Lundquist, who had been “raised by wolves,” talking to him with the help of Prof. Smith, who knew Norwegian. Pendragon hoped to get the man to talk about the “man-wolves” he believed to be in the region, but found out only that something bad was happening at the lodge and that his family was angry. In the evening, everyone returned to the lodge where Olsen’s wife Karen had prepared dinner.



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